Culprit Cafe and Bakery

After a few conversations with a baker friend of mine, Luke, the owner of Culprit Cafe and Bakery, I have a new appreciation for the art or rather the craft of Baking.  Luke takes each new pastry as seriously as I take any piece of furniture, trying something new and discarding it for its imperfections, learning from mistakes and perfecting.  As we talked he expressed some discontentment with one of his primary tools, his pin.  It is a French style rolling pin however the tapers were inconsistent and the pin as a whole could use some improvements. So over a few drinks at Bench we discussed what a better Pin would be. 

We've decided to offer this 24" (or custom width) hardwood pin with only a slight taper on the ends for handling.  Each pin is hand turned from domestic hardwoods and treated with all natural, food safe finishes.  These Pins will be available at Culprit in custom widths or with our matching hardwood cutting boards in our store