Jorgen Arm Chairs

I've had the same office chair for as long as I have been making and subsequently sitting at desks.  It is 60+ years old and I have not found another chair that rolls as well while simultaneously letting me recline parallel with the floor.  But it seemed like it was about time to get a chair that worked both as a comfortable desk chair when sitting for long hours and could be pulled up close to a coffee table  whenever friends stopped by. I wanted this chair to fit comfortably at the dinner table, a desk, or in a living room.  

Once I started sketching this chair I quickly fell in love with all of the lines and knew that I'd be prototyping in no time. Handmade chairs can get very costly because of the time they take in order to make right.  I was challenged to try to make this beautiful high quality chair in a way that I could very easily repeat.  I used cross lap joint construction to build the profiles of these chairs because this process is very repeatable and allows me to make parts for several chairs very efficiently. The back has a fairly deep curve and is a bit reclined to comfortably support your back for long hours.  I chose to sculpt the seat a bit more than most Hardwood chairs because it allows weight and pressure to be more evenly distributed creating a more comfortable seat without having to add a cushion or upholstery, though i may get creative this winter and add a partially upholstered version as an option.  

In the end this arm chair that bares the name of my great grandpa, as well as inspiration from his danish heritage, is one of my favorite pieces so far.  It does the job I built it to do, very well, and it looks good doing it.  These chairs will always be made by hand from solid locally sourced hardwoods.  Available here