Jorgen Arm Chairs

I've had the same office chair for as long as I have been making and subsequently sitting at desks.  It is 60+ years old and I have not found another chair that rolls as well while simultaneously letting me recline parallel with the floor.  But it seemed like it was about time to get a chair that worked both as a comfortable desk chair when sitting for long hours and could be pulled up close to a coffee table  whenever friends stopped by. I wanted this chair to fit comfortably at the dinner table, a desk, or in a living room.  

Once I started sketching this chair I quickly fell in love with all of the lines and knew that I'd be prototyping in no time. Handmade chairs can get very costly because of the time they take in order to make right.  I was challenged to try to make this beautiful high quality chair in a way that I could very easily repeat.  I used cross lap joint construction to build the profiles of these chairs because this process is very repeatable and allows me to make parts for several chairs very efficiently. The back has a fairly deep curve and is a bit reclined to comfortably support your back for long hours.  I chose to sculpt the seat a bit more than most Hardwood chairs because it allows weight and pressure to be more evenly distributed creating a more comfortable seat without having to add a cushion or upholstery, though i may get creative this winter and add a partially upholstered version as an option.  

In the end this arm chair that bares the name of my great grandpa, as well as inspiration from his danish heritage, is one of my favorite pieces so far.  It does the job I built it to do, very well, and it looks good doing it.  These chairs will always be made by hand from solid locally sourced hardwoods.  Available here

Timbersmith is Hiring

Timbersmith is a small team of furniture makers and designers. We build beautiful pieces of furniture by hand everyday. Its hard work but it's very rewarding, and its the right way to do it. 

Production Interns work closely with our Designers and Production Leads, learning to build pieces from our line and working on custom builds. This is going to be hard work, its not the most glamorous position. You will need to be able to take instruction and criticism.  

This is a 3 month internship, and don't worry at Timbersmith intern doesn't mean free labor, you will be fairly compensated. Intern does mean you are in training and we are both learning if you'll be a good fit for our team.  

Production Assistants need to be driven, self-starters. You will be responsible for completing tasks in a timely manner and to our standards. You will need to be able to balance working on multiple projects simultaneously.  

We need someone with experience and a solid understanding of woodworking. We expect you to have an understanding of the tools, machinery and techniques necessary for the job. 


If you are interested in becoming part of the Timbersmith team email us at 

Orion Trade Show Tables

Recently a local financial services company approached us looking for a pair of tables to be the focal point of their booth as they travel to trade shows and conventions.  The tables needed to have a very clean and minimal look,  present well to reps of fortune 500 companies, and be easy to break down and ship across the country.  These tables with a maple cabinet top and detachable metal legs fit the bill.  Their logo etched into clear plexi, by our friends at MTRL was a great way to personalize this project and really set it over the top. 


Nelson Tables

Recently I had a chance to work on a set of tables for some friends of mine, a console table to sit behind a sofa and a coffee table.  A lightweight, clean design fit the space without feeling to heavy and a nod to midcentury lines and tapers fit both the clients' and my personal aesthetic preferences.   

Custom Pedal Board

Recently a friend approached me about designing and building a custom pedal board for her husband who's day job requires him to play and transport his guitar gear regularly.  After doing some research to find out what goes into these it seemed like a fun challenge and I was glad to do it.  


This piece turned out really well.  I chose American Black Walnut for its natural beauty and the way it will wear as it inevitably takes on some knicks and scrapes. The powder coated black hardware will hold up well but not be visually overpowering.  The custom handcut box joints add an artisanal detail that is very functional and adds tremendous strength. 


TimberSmith Goods Pop Up Shop

This year during the CWS, Bench, the collaborative workshop that we operate out of will be temporarily closed. The spaced will be rented out to Greenstreet Cycles to operate a pop up shop for two weeks.  TimberSmith is going to sponsor a lounge for Greenstreet pop up shop. This lounge will be a miniature pop up shop of TimberSmith Goods.  All of the furniture will be TimberSmith Goods, everything will be for sale.  

If you are interested in seeing some of TimberSmith's Collections stop on by.  The Draper collection, including the long awaited Draper Sofa,  and the Lane collection specifically will be featured. We'll also have several recently completed stools available. 

Stop by for some Beansmith Coffee and to take a look at some of our favorite TimberSmith Goods.  Open June 12-26 11-7.



Westman Vanity

This week I started work on a custom bathroom vanity for the Westman's midtown residence.  It is a clean and simple open base vanity with a modern aesthetic executed with traditional methods.